The story of a family,
The story of four generations of Barbaresco


The winery’s history began in the 1950s in Barbaresco, where the Giacosa family owned a farm. The wine produced from the estate’s vineyards was used mainly for personal consumption, selling part of it in bulk, in demijohns.

Donato Giacosa was a founding member of the Cooperativa Produttori di Barbaresco, conceived thanks to the initiative of Don Fiorino Marengo, the town’s parish priest at the time, and 19 enterprising winegrowers. Thanks to the pioneering spirit and dedication of its members, it soon became one of the most prestigious wineries in the area and an example for cooperatives all over the world.


Donato’s son Carlo was headed for a promising military career in the air force. However, when his brother fell gravely ill with polio, he set aside his dream to follow in his father’s footsteps and tend the family vineyards.

Carlo married Carla and continued working as a cellarman at the Produttori di Barbaresco cooperative winery for two years. The lessons learned from his father and the experience accumulated allowed him to refine the techniques and art of winemaking. It was during these years that the construction of the present-day winery began.


The Giacosa family decided to stop selling its Nebbiolo grapes to the cooperative winery and to produce Barbaresco under its own label instead. This wine experienced an explosion in sales as it began to gain international fame and consensus.

After the methanol scandal, a new awareness and sensitivity began to emerge in the wine world. Carlo Giacosa was among the first winemakers in the area to realise the importance of authenticity and quality in the vineyard, to emphasise the expression of the grape variety in its intimate bond with the territory.
Alongside blended vinification, cru wines began to gain prominence.

The Nineties

Attention, respect and selection in the vineyard are the key to consistent, high-quality production. Carlo realised that green harvesting was the most effective technique in the winegrower’s hands: the 1997 vintage proved him right.

This was the year in which our valued employee Darko, now a member of the Giacosa family to all intents and purposes, joined the company.


The passing of the baton to Carlo’s daughter Maria Grazia, who had been working at the winery from an early age, was made official.
She is the company’s present, a bridge between the teachings of tradition and a future that has yet to be built.

The company logo, designed by a customer, friend and graphic designer, was created.
It depicts the view of Barbaresco with its iconic tower, as seen from the winery.


Luca joined the company, representing the fourth generation.
After qualifying as a dental technician, he decided to focus on the winery and pursue his grandfather Carlo’s teachings.

In recent years we have invested in the purchase of new vineyards and in the expansion and modernisation of the vinification premises.
We have also opened the tasting room to the public, making it a place for meeting and socialising, where we can introduce our wines to customers and friends who come to visit us.

2016 – today