Three souls, a shared vision: passion, respect for tradition and a constant focus on the future.

Maria Grazia

She embodies the company’s present, the pillar that keeps the link between tradition and the challenges of the future strong.

She likes to describe herself as a “country girl”: having grown up surrounded by barrels and rows of vines, she developed a passion for winemaking from a very young age, choosing to devote herself body and soul to running the winery.

She oversees every activity on the estate with a firm hand and a smile, from working in the vineyard to winemaking, including commercial relations and tastings, which she handles with contagious enthusiasm thanks to her innate empathy and excellent communication skills: if you drop in for a visit, she will welcome you as if you were family, eager to invite you into her world.

Carlo - Cantina Carlo Giacosa


Carlo is the history of the winery but, despite his age and numerous achievements, it would be a mistake to think of him only as the past.

On the contrary, he earnestly oversees every aspect of day-to-day operations and, if you get the chance to chat with him, you will soon realise that he still has a burning passion for what he does.

Over a glass of fine wine, he will reveal memories and family traditions, taking you on a fascinating journey to explore the rural Langa of days gone by.


His adventure at the winery began in an unusual way: the decision to follow in his family’s footsteps came after he had completed his studies to become a dental technician.

When it was time to embark on his career, however, the call of the vineyard began to become stronger and stronger. Hence the decision to embrace the tradition of the winery and steer it into the future, focusing on quality, research and innovation.

Luca represents our hopes for the future. Placid but tenacious, humble but ambitious, he has everything it takes to ensure that the family project grows and evolves without betraying its most authentic spirit.

Luca - Cantina Carlo Giacosa